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Shadow Colour 1.5

We are happy to announce a new version release.

Shadow Colour Ver1.5 comes with new features and upgrades, as requested by many of you.

Shadow Colour is a custom tool for shadow studies that comes as an add-in for Autodesk Revit.
Shadow Colour allows you to assign colours to different element shadows in Revit and quickly generate high-quality images and GIFs.

What's New

Arrange Elements 

After picking an element from the Revit view, you can arrange and move up or down using the arrows.

UP = Bring element’s shadow forward
Down = Send element’s shadow backward

Hide Elements Not in Study

Automatically exclude (hide) elements you didn’t pick.

Save/Load Element Style

Load or save style for element, including shadow colour, line width and line colour. That way you can follow standards and easily use your preferred colours.

Export GIF

In addition to exporting images, Shadow colour allows you to create and export a GIF from the interval exporter.

Supported Versions:
Revit 2023 – 2020