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Plan Match

For Autodesk® Revit®

Don't Start From Scratch - Use Plan Match

Reuse floor plans and dwelling units from your cross-firm library.

Accessible to all teams directly from Revit, easily managed with a preview and the associated data.

Find previous floor plans that closely match with area and shape.

Our unique algorithm allows you to search for floor plans by selecting areas from the Revit view and comparing multiple floor plans.  

Load the floor plans into your Revit.

Place directly into your Revit view, including all saved families and design standards, in one click. 

Step #1

Choose files to scan

Plan Match will scan your plans based on areas and save them in your private library.

AgileForm DesignReuse - Concept Step1

Step #2


Select areas from Revit to find the best match from your library.

AgileForm Design Reuse - Concept Step2

Step #3

Load to Revit

Place the selected plan directly into your Revit view.

AgileForm Design Reuse - Concept Step3