931 Yonge Street

Balancing Affordable Housing and Urban Development in Toronto:
The City of Toronto is pursuing efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing by repurposing underutilized properties. One of these properties is the Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s (TCHC) head office located at 931 Yonge Street in the Rosedale neighborhood. The city aims to create a mixed-income, mixed-use high-rise development on this site that includes affordable housing units and public realm improvements. However, concerns have been raised about the city’s own policy regarding shadows cast on parks, which could potentially hinder the development’s economic viability and its ability to deliver the necessary density for affordable housing.

In collaboration with CreateTo and HousingTO, a shadow study has been conducted using Shadow Colour to assess the possibility of increasing the density of the development from 21 storeys (original proposal) to 25, 30, and 35 storeys.

Photo yonge 931