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Activate Trial

First Activation

Once signed in, you will see the dashboard screen.
From the dashboard, you can manage all your licenses.
To activate a trial, click on the desired product and press ‘Activate Trial’.

You will be prompted with the following message.
Click OK to start your trial.

  1. Once your trial starts, you will see information about your license, such as the expiry date.
  2. Press ‘Show’ to view your license key.

When first launching the app, you’ll be prompted with an activation window. Copy and paste your key to the activation box.

Generate New Key

Press ‘Change Key’ to create a new key – This is useful when you suspect unauthorized use of your key.
Keep in mind that you will need re-distribute the new license key to all users.

After clicking ‘Change Key’, you will be prompted with the following message.
Press ‘Ok’ to generate a new key.

Download The Latest Version

Our products are continuously being improved and updated. You can download the latest installation file at any time.

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