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Supported Versions

Planary supports Autodesk® AutoCAD® versions 2018-2023 (LT versions are not supported).


The installation process is the same as any software windows installation.

1. Make sure AutoCAD is closed.

2. Double click on the installer file.

Planary AutoCAD Installation

3. Click next in the welcome screen.

4. Check ‘I Agree’ for the term of use and click next.

Planary CAD Installation Step 3

5. Select installation folder and click next.

Planary CAD Installation Step 4

6. Click next to confirm installation.

Planary CAD Installation Step 5

7. Installation complete.

8. In AutoCAD, you can find Planary under AgileForm tab.

Planary CAD Add-In

When launching the software for the first time, you will be prompted with an activation window.

Press ‘I want a trial’ to register and get a trial key.
You can learn more about registration and managing your account here

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