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Master Plan

With Planary you can create a quick feasibility study for multiple sites with multiple buildings. In this article, we will see how to create a master plan.

1. Sketch your buildings using filled regions. 

In the following sketch, we have three sites above underground parking. Each site has a residential building with two parts – a podium and a tower. 

2. After launching Planary, we can set up our site location on Planary 3D map.

In Planary, go to Options → City Context → On.

In the map settings, search for the project location and use ‘Place marker on map’ to set your site in Planary map. 

Use ‘Change Site Basepoint’ to adjust your site in Revit to Planary map

3. To add site, Right-click On the browser, click ‘Add Site’ and pick a filled region from the Revit view.

4. Repeat this step and add two more sites

5. The next is to create a building for each site.

Right-click on the site and click on ‘Add Building’.

6. Right-click on ‘New Building’ → ‘Add Building Part’ and pick a filled region from the Revit view.

7. Under properties, we name this building part as ‘Podium’ and select ‘Residential’ for the use. We also select ‘Podium’ for the section property.

8. Right-click on the podium, click ‘Add Building Part Above’ and select a filled region from the Revit view to be the tower on top.

9. Do the same for the other two sites.

10. To add underground parking – create a new building part by right-clicking the building (‘New Building).

In the building part properties, check ‘Underground’ and select ‘Parking’ for use.
This building part will be shown under the site.

11. We can always go back to the map setting and change the style. In this example, we turned the location marker off and changed the map to be satellite map.

12. The final step will be to export our study statistics to an Excel file.
Make sure the sites in the browser are checked. Unchecked elements will be excluded from the statistics and the Excel datasheet.

Go to ‘File’ → ‘Export’ → ‘Excel data file’.

13. Planary will create an Excel file with a summary of the site statistics and a breakdown for each site and each building.

Great! We’ve just created a complete feasibility study for a master plan.

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