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Export Images and GIFs

There are multiple ways to export your shadow study.
The simplest way is to export an image of the view with coloured shadows.

To export a single image, go to ‘File’ → ‘Export’ → ‘Single Image’

You may export multiple images at once using time Interval.

  • Go to ‘File’ → ‘Export’ → ‘Time Interval’
  • Select the date, time range, and interval.
  • Select the image quality
  • Optionally, add Superposition image. Superposition image is an image that overlays all images together into one shadow study image.
  • Optionally, export a GIF file containing an animation of all the shadow study images. choose how much delay in milliseconds to have for each image.
  • Optionally, export an excel data sheet of the shadow area calculation.
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