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Integrating a 3D World Map with Planary

Planary allows you to integrate a 3D world map into your project for a more comprehensive and better evaluation of the project within the geography and city context.

Place Your Project on a Map

1. Map Types: Planary supports three main map types: Satellite, 3D, and None. To choose a map type, navigate to the bottom right corner of the Planary 3D view and select the desired type.

2. Use the map settings to search for your location address or enter the geolocation’s longitude and latitude if available.

3. Select ‘Place Marker on Map’ and click on your desired location on the map.

Linking to AutoCAD

1. To match the base point of Planary to the drawing in AutoCAD, Click ‘Change Site Basepoint’ and pick a point in AutoCAD to link the marker location to the site. 

2. A Planary site basepoint will be created and linked to the Planary map marker. You can always move, adjust or recreate the site basepoint.

2. Hide the Marker from the view, Click on ‘Hide’.

Adjusting Site Orientation

Adjust your site to the map using the rotation tool.

To access the map settings again, click on the map settings icon located at the top left of the 3D view.

Place Map in AutoCAD

To insert a 2D satellite map from Planary into AutoCAD, simply click ‘Place 2D Map’
A satellite image will be generated instantly in your AutoCAD project.


To add a topography layer, click ‘More’ at the button on the right of the Planary view, and check ‘Topography.

Adjust building height to topography
Modify the height of your site or building relative to the topography using the ‘Offset From Ground’ parameter found in the site properties.
Planary Version 3 - Map Settings Adjust Terrain
Street names

To display street names on the map, click ‘More’ at the bottom right of the Planary view and select ‘Street Names’.

Planary Version 3 - Map Settings Street Names
Hiding Context Buildings

1. To hide existing buildings from the 3D map, navigate to ‘More’ -> ‘3D Buildings’ -> ‘Edit’.

Planary Version 3 - Map Settings Hide Buildings

2. In the edit mode, select the buildings you wish to hide (these will turn red). Confirm your changes by clicking ‘Done’.

Planary Version 3 - Map Settings Hide Buildings 2

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate 3D world maps within your projects, providing a context and aiding project planning and evaluation.

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