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Sketch Your Site Using Polyline
  1. Open AutoCAD.
  2. Draw a site or sites using a polyline or hatch.
Planary 1.3 CAD Sketch Your Site

Make sure polylines are closed.
o close polylines you can press c + enter/space, or go to Preference → Misc → Close → Yes

Planary AutoCad polyline properties
When creating a shape with multiple polylines, join all polylines to one closed shape.
Select polylines and press Join + enter/space
Planary 2.0 CAD Add Building Part Join
Launch Planary

Click AgileForm tab → Planary.

Planary CAD Add-In
Planary Interface

Project Browser – Shows object hierarchy of your buildings and sites.

Properties – Modify an object’s parameters.

3D Viewer – Preview of the project in 3D.

Analysis Dashboard – Displays statistics of your study in real-time.

Planary Objects:

Site: site contains ‘Buildings’ and ‘Lands.’ In Planary, you can add multiple sites by right click on the browser window.

Planary Site

Building: an entity containing ‘building parts’.

Planary Bulding

Building Part: an entity represents a part of a building, could be a tower, podium, typical floor etc.

Planary Building Part

Land: an entity that represents a land use.


Angular Plane: A projected surface at a certain degree angle. Use as a constraint tool for building height

Angular Plane 20

We now have a basic understanding of all the Planary objects and a site ready to use.

Let’s go to the next article and plan our site!

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