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Shadow Colour is straightforward and very precise. However, if you find some artifacts in your results, please  make sure you are upgraded to the latest version. Shadow colour is being updated regularly, and issues are being fixed.

Faster Image Processing
  1. Make group for elements with the same shadow style (colour, outlines and opacity).
  2. Hide or remove unnecessary elements from the view (Elements that are interior or don’t cast a shadow).
  3. Any mass floors, mass roofs, or mass walls should be invisible in view.
  4. Simplify your massing geometry.
  1. When exporting, if you notice the image size is 0KB, please restart Shadow Colour.
  2. Do not change camera position or edit elements in the Revit view while exporting.
Area calculation

To generate a shadow area calculation, please ensure the following:

  • The view is Top and orthographic/parallel projection.
  • The site is fully contained within the view.

If you encounter any further issues, please reach out to us at:

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