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Project Preferences

Project preferences in Planary enable you to tailor and manage settings for building space usage and analytics formulas for aspects like Gross Floor Area (GFA), Net Sellable Area (NSA), building efficiency, unit mix, parking, and more.

Accessing Preferences

Navigate to the preferences window by selecting ‘Options’ → ‘Preferences’ from the menu bar.

Project Units
General - Project Units

Adjust the area and length of units for your project. By default, Planary uses the unit settings from the linked AutoCAD project.

General - BCR Include Cantilevers (from version 3.1)

To include cantilevered elements in the BCR (Building Coverage Ratio), check the ‘BCR include cantilevers’ check box.

A cantilever is a structural element that is anchored at only one end, with the other end extending horizontally and unsupported.

Planary Version 3 - BCR Cantilever
Building spaces (Usage)

Here, you can add and customize building spaces, modify names, colours, and settings for usage. Including whether an area is included in Total Floor Area (TFA) and Gross Floor Area (GFA) and if it contains residential units.

Formulas for Key Metrics:

    • GFA = TFA x efficiency
    • NSA = TFA x sell efficiency

Customize parking space settings, including names, colours, and ratios.

Building Sections

Categorize building sections (e.g., Podium, Tower).
Useful to keep the analytics organized when exporting an Excel data file.

Land Use

Add land uses and adjust name and colour.

Unit Mix

Define the mix of residential units by type, average size, and percentage.


Adjust the visibility and transparency for excluded elements, site surfaces, and underground elements. Additionally, enable or disable black-and-white mode.

Save Preferences

After adjusting your project preferences in Planary:

  • To apply and save your changes, click the ‘Save’ button.
  • If you decide not to keep the changes, click ‘Cancel’ to revert to the previous settings.

These preferences allow for detailed project customization, enhancing your planning and analysis workflow in Planary.

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