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Export Images and GIFs

There are multiple ways to export your shadow study.

Quick Export of a Single Image from Your Shadow Study:

  1. Open the Export Menu:
    Navigate to ‘File’ → ‘Export’ → ‘Single Image’. This action opens the export options for a single image.

  2. Select Export Quality:
    Choose the desired quality for your image. Higher quality settings will result in a larger file size.
Shadow Colour 2.0 Export

To Export Multiple Images at Once Using Time Intervals, Follow These Steps:

  1. Navigate to Export Settings:
    Go to ‘File’ → ‘Export’ → ‘Time Interval’.


  2. Set Time Interval Details:
    Select the desired datetime range, and interval.


  3. Choose Export Mode:
    • File: Exports the images as individual files.
    • Sheet: Compiles the images onto sheets.


  4. Select Image Quality:
    Choose the desired quality for the exported images.


  5. Optional Settings:
    • Superposition Image: Add a superposition image to overlay all images into a single shadow study image.
    • Anti-Alias: Enable anti-alias in the exported images.
    • GIF Export: (Only available in ‘File’ mode) Export a GIF file with an animation of the shadow study images. Set the delay in milliseconds for each image.
    • Shadow Area Calculation: (Only available in ‘File’ mode) Export an Excel sheet containing shadow area calculations.


  6. For ‘Sheet’ Export Mode:
    Select the layout and preferred title block for the sheet.
Shadow Colour 2.0 Export Intervals
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