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Mixed-Use Building

Planary allows you to create floors with multiple uses. In this article, we will see how to create a mixed used building.

1. Sketch your mixed-use floor plan using polylines or hatches. 

In the following sketch, we have a residential building with a retail and service area on the ground level

2. Go to the browser, right-click on your building, and select ‘Add Building Part’.

Go back to AutoCAD and select a polyline/hatch. To pick the right one, change the draw order and bring the element to front. 

3. Assign usage in the properties window. 

4.Right-click on the building part, select ‘Add Building Part on Level’ from the drop down menu and pick a polyline/hatch for the second use.

5. To add more uses on the same level, Right-click on your building →’Add Building Part’ and select polyline/hatch from AutoCAD.

6. The next step will be to stack the other building parts on top of the floor we just created. You can do it by right-clicking any building parts, selecting ‘Add Building Part Above’ from the drop-down menu, and picking a polyline/hatch from AutoCAD.

6. You can manage the project uses through Menu → ‘Options’ → ‘Preferences’.

In this example, we will add a new use named ‘Service’

7. After assigning the ‘Service’ use to our building part, we can go to the ‘Area Distribution’ tab to review the use distribution of our project.

The analysis will be updated automatically as we work on our project.

8. The final step will be to export our study statistics to excel file.

Go to File → Export and select ‘Excel data file’

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