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3D World Map

Set Up Location

1. To turn the map on, go to Options → City Context → On.

2. To set project location, click on the map settings icon.

3. Search your location by address or by geo-location. 

4. Select ‘Place marker on map’ and click on your desired location on the map.

5. Click  ‘Change Site Basepoint’ and pick a point in AutoCAD to link the marker location to the site.

 A Planary site basepoint will be created and linked to Planary map marker. You can always move, adjust or recreate the site basepoint. 
Planary 2.0 CAD Site Basepoint Link

6. Adjust your site to the map using the rotation tool from the map setting menu.

Place Map From Planary to Revit

To place 2D satellite map from Planary in to AutoCAD, simply click on ‘Place 2D map’ under AutoCAD from the map setting menu, and save the image.

The 2D satellite map will be placed in AutoCAD automatically

Map Styles and Editing Mode

Under ‘Style’, you can turn on satellite 2D view, 3D view with buildings, Street names and hide/reveal the location marker.

Hiding Context Buildings

To hide an existing buildings from the 3D map. Click on edit (pencil icon) next to 3D buildings button, and mark the buildings you wish to hide.
Click on edit again to exit the edit mode.

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