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Save, Open and Export Project

Save Project

To ensure your work is not lost, you can save your Planary project anytime. Here’s how:

  • Save: To save your current progress, go to ‘File’ → ‘Save’ This will overwrite the previous version of your project with any new changes you’ve made.
Planary Version 3 - Save
  • Save As: If you wish to save your project under a new name or location, go to ‘File’ → ‘Save As’ and select a location from the Windows browser.
Planary Version 3 - Save As

Note: Each design option is a separate project. Keep an eye out for the asterisk (*) symbol next to your project name. This symbol indicates that there have been changes to the project since your last save. It’s a visual reminder to save your work regularly and avoid losing any progress.

Planary Version 3 - Save Options
Open Project

To open a project, select ‘File’ → ‘Open’, then choose a Planary file (.plny) from the Windows browser. 

Planary Version 3 - Open

Planary will automatically link polylines used in the feasibility study to the project. If Planary cannot locate the corresponding polyline, you can manually relink them by right-clicking the element and selecting ‘Link’.

Export Preview Image:

  • To export a preview image, go to ‘File’→’Export’→ ‘Preview image’.
Planary CAD Version 3 -Export Image

Export Excel Data File:

When exporting the analytics, Planary will create an Excel file containing all statistics from the analysis dashboard, a breakdown of the buildings and sites areas by use and the area distribution. 

  • To export an Excel data file, go to ‘File’→’Export’→’Excel data file’
Planary CAD Version 3 -Export Excel
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