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Site Analysis

The Analysis Dashboard:

The analysis dashboard allows you to track the site and building statistics in real time.

TFA  – Total Floor Area – The total floor area within the building, measured to the external face of the external walls.

TFA Planary

GFA  – Gross Floor Area – The total floor area multiplied by the efficiency factor(configurable).

Planary GFA

Site Area – The total area of the site within the site boundaries.

Planary Site Area

FSI – Floor Space Index. Also referred to as FAR (Floor Area Ratio) is the ratio of the total floor area (GFA) to site area. 

Planary FSI

BCR – Building Coverage Ratio –  The ratio of the Building total first-floor area (footprint) divided by the site area.

Planary BCR

Height – The height of the highest building in the study.

Planary Height

Storeys – Total number of storeys.

Planary Storeys

NSA – Net Saleable Area – The amount of space for sale extracted from the total floor area, calculated by the efficiency factor(configurable).

Planary NSA

Units – Total unit count – NSA divided by average unit size.

Planary Units

Parking – Total parking spots, calculated by parking/units ratio.

Planary Parking

Cost – High-level cost estimation calculated by cost per m2 / ft2

Planary Cost
Area distribution

To see the total areas and ratios of building spaces and land use, go to the Analysis dashboard > Area distribution tab.

Area distribution
Real-Time Analysis

In Planary, you can continue work and edit the filled regions in Revit and the statistics will update accordingly.

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