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Site Analysis

The Analysis Dashboard

The Analysis Dashboard allows you to track critical site and building statistics in real-time and gives immediate insights into your project’s performance. Here’s what you can monitor:

TFA  – Total Floor Area – The total floor area within the building, measured to the external face of the external walls.

TFA Planary

GFA  – Gross Floor Area – The total floor area multiplied by the efficiency factor (configurable).

Planary GFA

Site Area – The total area of the site within the site boundaries.

Planary Site Area

FSI – Floor Space Index. Also referred to as FAR (Floor Area Ratio) is the ratio of the total floor area (GFA) to site area. 

Planary FSI

BCR – Building Coverage Ratio – The ratio of the building total first-floor area (footprint) divided by the site area.

Planary BCR

Height – The height of the highest building in the study.

Planary Height

Storeys – The number of storeys of the highest building in the project.

Planary Storeys

NSA – Net Saleable Area – The amount of space for sale extracted from the total floor area, calculated by multiplied sell efficiency factor (configurable).

Planary NSA

Units – Total Unit Count – NSA divided by average unit size.

Planary Units

Parking – Total required and provided parking spots, calculated by parking to units ratio, and parking per m2 / ft2

Planary Parking
Unit Mix

The number of different residential units in the project by types.

Area distribution

To see the total areas and ratios of building spaces and land use, select the ‘Area Distribution’ tab under the Analysis Dashboard.

Planary Version 3 - Area Distribution
Real-Time Analysis

In Planary, you can continue to work and edit the polylines in AutoCAD and the statistics will update accordingly.

You have the flexibility to exclude specific sites or buildings from the overall statistics at any time.

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